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Date: 9th May 2016
Communication Electronic PCBA
Communication Electronic PCBA (printed circuit board assembly)Part number: FASTPCBA-14Specs: 4layer,Website:, FR4, 2oz copper, 1.6mm thicknessSize: ?45mmMin hole size: 0.35mmSurface finishing: ENIGMin hole trace and space: 5mil/5milSolder mask: GreenSilkscreen: WhiteApplication: communication electronic pcbaMin footprint: 0402Certificate: CE,Rosh,UL,ISO9001,TS16949Package: ESD red bubble wrap with White foamCommunication Electronic PCBA (pcb assembly)Part number: FASTPCBA-15Specs: 2layer, FR4, 2oz copper, 1.6mm thicknessSize: 70mm*80mmMin hole size: 0.35mmSurface finishing: HASLMin hole trace and space: 5mil/5milSolder mask: GreenSilkscreen: WhiteApplication: communication electronic pcbaMin footprint:0402Certificate:CE,Rosh,UL,ISO9001,TS16949Package: ESD red bubble wrap with White foam---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------Company profile: FASTPCBA Technology Co., Ltd is a professional PCB manufacturer in China, Shenzhen. With 14 years of development, FASPCBA turns into a first class manufacturer of HDI PCB, with production capability 35,000 square meters. FASTPCBA is providing high quality bare PCB and PCB assembly service, including components sourcing, function test, conformal coating and complete assembly for clients all over the world, our main market is Europe, north USA, Australia, South America, and Asia.Products Involved Fields: Consumming Electronics, Medical Equipments, Industrial commands, Communications, Auto Parts, Military PCB, Solar Inverter PCB etc.PCB Capability Parameter: ItemMass processingcapabilitySample&PrototypeProcessing capabilityLayer(MAX)2-1820-30Type of the board materialFR-4,high TG Board,aluminumboard rogers, etc.,F4,BTFR4,high TG Board,aluminumboard Rogers,etc.,F4,BTCompound pressed board4layers--6layers6layers--8layersMaximum Size610mm*1100mmOutline size tolerance+/- 0.13mm+/- 0.10mmBoard Thickness range0.3mm-6.00mm0.20mm--8.00mmBoard Thickness tolerance+/- 8%+/- 5%Board Thickness Range+/- 10%+/- 8%Medium Thickness0.076mm-6.000.076mm--0.100mmMinimum line width0.075mm0.063mmMinimum space Distance0.075mm0.063mmOuter layer copper thickness8.75um--175um8.75um--280umInner Layer copper thickness8.75um--175um8.75um--220umDrill hole size(power drill)0.25mm--6mm0.15mm--0.25mmHole size(power drill)0.20mm--6mm0.05mm--0.20mmHole size tolerance(power drill)0.05mmHole position deviation(power drill)0.075mm0.05mmLaser hole size0.10mm0.075mmAspect Ratio10:112:1Solder mask typeSensitive green,yellow.Black,purple,blue,inkSensitive green,yellow.Black,purple,blue,inkMininum width of soldermask bridge0.10mm0.075mmMinimum size of solder maskSeparation ring0.05mm0.025mmSurface Finish: HAL,ENIG.Plating nickel, thick&hard/soft metal,chemical nickel,Lead free, tin immersion ead free H.A.S.L Entek gold-finger,Immersion Tin,OSP and selective surface processing .Strict Quality System: Our motto is qualiy;efficiency and competitive price.we strictly adhere to the TS14969 standards, and continuosly apply advanced international technology to improve the quality of the product to meet needs of our customers.One-stop PCB assembly service, We can offer 1 to 22 Layer PCB fabrication, PCB design, PCB layout, PCB manufacturing, PCB Assemblies, components sourcing, PCBA Function Test, design solution.The equipment list and show case: Mydata printer machine ?Solder paste inspectorMYDATA-MY200 hight speed SMT machine ?Flextronics reflow ovenThe ways of packages: A. Package with red bubble wrapB. Package with white form wrapC.Custom-made ESD trayThe ways of shipment and payment: EXPRESS ?AIR TRANSPORTATION ?TRANSPORTATION by SEAT/T ?Westunion &Paypal ?Cash